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Nebraska Stories: Solar Eclipse 2017

Share your photographs and videos taken in Nebraska on Monday, August 21, 2017 and help us tell a story about the Great American Solar Eclipse.   Show us how you experienced this unique event - where you were, who you were with, or who you met.   We're excited to see what happened across Nebraska!

There are several ways you can share your content with Nebraska Stories.

On Facebook:

  • Tag Nebraska Stories in your post
  • Post your content to our page at facebook.com/NebraskaStories
  • Include your content as a comment on one of our posts 

On Twitter:

  • Tweet us at @NETNebraska
  • Use #Eclipse2017 or #Eclipse in your location-enabled tweet

 Using our submission form (below):

  • Send us a link to your content.
  • Let us know if you would like to send us content directly and we’ll reply with a link for you to upload your high resolution images/video. 

The Nebraska Stories team will review all submitted content for use in a future story to be featured in the series 9th season.    We welcome images created by anyone in any format (smart phones, DSLR, your dad’s old VHS recorder…)  that are shot within the state of Nebraska and are connected to The Great American Solar Eclipse.   Be creative and have fun.  Help us show what was happening across our state during this once in a lifetime cosmic event.

Here’s just an example of images/video we’re looking for:

  • Casual selfies and group photos 
  • Spontaneous snapshots
  • Are you with a big crowd or by yourself?
  • Are you in the country or in town? 
  • At a park or in your backyard?
  • Did you meet someone from a foreign country?
  • What’s the farthest license plate from a fellow eclipse chaser?
  • Pet reactions (who doesn’t love a cat video?)
  • Bill Nye sightings (you know, that science guy who’ll be at Homestead National Monument…)
  • Will you be near Nebraska icons like the State Capitol Building, Memorial Stadium, The Great Platte River Archway or surrounded by works of Mother Nature like Chimney Rock, the Platte River, the Sandhills?  Oh yeah - we’d like that!

 Record yourself, your friends and your family before, during, and after totality.  Since we can’t be everywhere – we’re counting on you to deliver!  Help us experience the eclipse through your eyes and if you share it with us, we’ll share it with our viewers next season on Nebraska Stories.  Are you game?  We are!

Kay Hall / Michele Wolford


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