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Sowbelly Canyon & More

Stories featured in this full length 30-minute episode include:

“Sowbelly Canyon” 
A Pine Ridge paradise located near the town of Harrison, Sowbelly Canyon has experienced a number of natural disasters in the past decade including a major flood in 2015.  Explore this little known treasure and meet the people who are working together to preserve this oasis for all to enjoy.     
“Team Armstrong”
As a thank you for her hometown’s support, Alicia Armstrong wore an orange ribbon every game day.  The former Nebraska Softball standout had a battle tested career, but she persevered through injuries to play shortstop for the Huskers all four years of her career.  Alicia drew inspiration from her parents, Bill and Gina, who attended every game the Huskers played (more than 240 games).  Their only goal was be a reassuring face in the crowd for their daughter.
“Doc Middleton:  The Unwickedest Outlaw”
He was a man of many names: James M. Riley, David C. Middleton, ‘Texas’ Jack Lyons, and ‘Gold-Tooth’ Charley among others. None however, gained such notoriety as Doc Middleton. As a notorious figure he was different from many of the folk heroes of the American West. Unlike Jesse James, Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid, Doc didn’t want gold, glory, justice or vengeance. He just wanted to survive.  In many ways, Doc represents the death of the Old West and the dawn of a new, modern era.  
“Extraordinary Vessels”
We revisit a story on Jenni Brant, the former Executive Director of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City.  In this profile, we take a look at both sides of this working artist’s life – from her day job managing an artist-in-residency program that draws artists from all over the world to her nights and weekends creating colorful functional pottery.  

Kay Hall / Michele Wolford


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