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Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Seed Warriors

The Pawnee's efforts to preserve their sacred, ancestral corn

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Haute Stacker

An inventive chocolatier!

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

The Middle of Everywhere

Refugees building new lives in Nebraska

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Feeding The Soul

A Yazidi refugee finds a connection to his homeland in the Nebraska soil.

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

I Am an American

New citizens share what it means to become an American

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Linh Quang Buddhist Center

Beautiful Buddhist temple in Lincoln welcomes all

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

The Hat Maker

She makes custom hats with rare, antique tools

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

The Crane Carver

A retired farmer whittles hand-carved sandhill cranes

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Quilted Conscience

Young Sudanese refugees sew their hopes in a beautiful quilt

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

The Organ Builder

Master craftsman Gene Bedient retires from a successful career as an organ builder.

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Wind at One's Fingertips

An early NET documentary explores the craftmanship of organ builder Gene Bedient.

Culture, Craft & Cuisine

Oriel's Cherry Pie

95-year-old Oriel Kinley shares the art of pie making.

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