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Science & Health

A Girl, a Grant & a Goat

Sheridan Swotek raises goats in her pursuit of the highest achievement award in 4-H.

Science & Health

Digging Up the Past

A dry lakebed reveals early Native history

Science & Health

Ginger's Labyrinth

Ginger Theisen's road back from a brain injury

Science & Health

COVID Curveball

Superintendent Tawana Grover on meeting the challenge of COVID-19

Science & Health

Newton's Apple Tree

A descendant of Newton’s apple tree thrives on UNL's campus

Science & Health

Chadron Fire Recovery

New conservation efforts to save Nebraka's Pine Ridge Country

Science & Health

Nebraska's Dinosaur Tracksite

Nebraska's rare dinosaur tracksite

Science & Health

Greenhouse in the Snow

Growing oranges during winter in Nebraska

Science & Health

Sowing The Prairie

Harvesting Nebraska's native prairie seeds.

Science & Health

Fire Drones

Scientists experiement with drone technology to combat wildfires.

Science & Health

Restoring the Self

A woman revives her life through art

Science & Health

Agate Fossil Beds

Visit Agate Fossil Beds National Monument.

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